Have you ever wondered how is your mind? How does it work🧠? Can you control your mind🤓? How can your mind be at its best?                A Mind is like a kid. It has all the qualities of the kid: very innocent, enthusiastic, always jumping to help out with whatever information it has gained.                             Mind with whatever information it has gained rather than turning that information into knowledge, it just starts helping out😁. Like a kid, the mind is filled with immense capacity and creativity. It can reach the sky🌠. But for that, it needs to be grounded. If it just stays in any situation with complete awareness, controlling its over-enthusiasm and dreamy state, then it can create magic- real magic.                          The other quality like a kid is the more you try to control the mind by force😠, the more it runs haywire🏃. On the other hand, if you explain to mind what is right, what is wrong and don't pay attention to its unnece

Yuj - The Union

                                Glad to be back to blogging✍ after a very long time, with a new tag to myself, blissfully a Yoga Teacher😇.   Let me start my new blog with few beautiful lines,                Yoga🧘‍♂️ se hi Yoga hoga                                     &               Yoga se hi Yoga🧘 hoga               Let me elaborate on this a little. The word Yoga has been derived from the Sanskrit word ' Yuj' which means 'Union'. Now, what do these lines mean here? They mean when we do Yoga in the form it is popularly known Asanas, Pranayama then only Yoga i.e Union of body and mind can occur. And when this beautiful yoga(union) of body and mind occurs then only one can do and experience the real Yoga.             For us, to get maximum out of any moment, our mind needs to be with the body. Let us understand this in a better way with example of some popular entities.            While playing cricket, if I am on the crease waiting to hit the ball and my mind is


                  You are a part of the universe, the way you are a part of your family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, your home🏡. You feel safest relaxed, comfortable, happy, blissful with your family, in your home.                   Similarly the complete universe is your family, your home, there is nothing to be feared😲 or worried😟 about, just reach out and universe is there. Complete universe is there to hold you if you fall🤕, to guide you. It has given you all the tools to manage any situation that comes. You have to be just in sync with universe and listen 👂, feel, understand, be aware of what it is telling you, signaling you, guiding you.                                                         STAY CONNECTED                            ( now I understand the actual meaning of stay connected😃)                                                               Namaste 🙏 


                   What does the River🌊 teach us, a very simple thing, to have free flow in our body, in our life.                    A River which is flowing continuously and freely is so clean and crystal clear. Even if it comes across any obstacle, it just simply diverts itself and keeps flowing continuously. But if the obstacle is a big one🙄 and the flow of water slows down or becomes stagnant, then gradually filth and dirt sets in😔.                   Similarly we should always have a free flow of breath, emotions and thoughts within us. No matter what they are and how they are let them just come and leave without any hindrance. The movement you hold them back, obstruct the flow, a heaviness sets in😟 and then goes on accumulating. By simply having a free flow of emotions and thoughts, you can keep yourself pure, light, vibrant and energetic like our beautiful rivers😃.                  Thank you to all the beautiful rivers for teaching us this simple way of life🙇‍♀️.          

Let the Life get Settled🤗

                  Everyone keeps on saying "Let the life get settled then......". So, what exactly does it mean to get settled in life?🤔                  For me, getting blessed by a kid👶, is the God's way of giving us a chance to get settled in life, to bring stability and strength within and around us. When we grow out of our beautiful, blissful😇 childhood, we get into the roller-coaster🎢 of college, career, marriage, job. All of us just keep running here and there, trying to utilize each and every moment to achieve name, fame, money💰, ignoring our health, diet🍎, rest, exercise.                  Nothing wrong in it🤷‍♀️, that is the age we are pumped in with so much energy💪 that needs to be Channeled properly so that we get best education, good career and find our soulmate💑. But as it is the basic nature of human being, even after achieving our set target, we just continue to set some new target😁 and keep chasing them🏃‍♀️. As human being does not understand wh



थम जा जरा ए तु जिन्दगी

   थम जा जरा ए तु जिन्दगी, थम जा     तभी समझ में आता है कि जिन्दगी क्या है ?    जीना किसे कहते हैं     और तुम खुद क्या हो!    थम जा जरा ए तु जिन्दगी, थम जा     तभी तुम खुद को पहचानने लगते हो     समय के पीछे भागना🏃‍♀️ छोड़ कर     खुद से प्यार करना सीखते हो❤    थम जा जरा ए तु जिन्दगी, थम जा     तभी तुम खुद को जानने लगते हो     अपने अस्तित्व को पहचानने लगते हो 😇                       नमस्ते 🙏